about us

In the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic in June 2020, many businesses shifted their services from brick and mortar to online. The end-users were overwhelmed with all the different delivery options, pickup availability, and pricing schemes. As we noticed this chaotic situation, we started a simple directory website listing most businesses in Suriname with a clear description of the services offered inclusive details.

After listing about 200 businesses in our directory, we leapfrogged into offering more specific services. We provide small businesses with the ability to set up a “bestelshop“ on our platform. A “bestelshop“ is a basic webshop. Through this bestelshop, small businesses can easily take orders and sell products online.

It‘s our goal to facilitate small businesses through e-commerce services to increase their online presence and simplify the ordering process. We want to give end-users the ability to order anywhere, fast and easy.

about bestel.sr