Collecting data, maintaining data, and accommodating more businesses in our directory can become a very tedious job. As this is not a core competence of, we brought together the website building expertise of and the “foodie“ knowledge from The Taster. With this collaboration, the Foodie Guide of Suriname was born.

The partnership with The Taster came to us very organically. The Taster is a platform that focuses on promoting the HORECA. It started as a blog, grew into a promotion platform, and now extended with a food guide connecting food suppliers with consumers.

With this partnership, we want to index all the food places in Suriname. With a variety of packages, we want to accommodate these food places in our directory. See our pricing table for the different packages offered inclusive services.

For the other categories in our directory, we are open to collaborating with data brokers in Suriname. Feel free to contact us.