Chuck E. Cheese

For YOUNG AND OLD! A personal experience

Chuck E Cheese Suriname has had its doors open in Suriname for 2 months already (September 22, 2022 is the official opening). This international franchise is located at the International Mall Suriname on the Ringweg Zuid. Opening hours are at noon on weekdays and 11am on Saturdays and Sundays. Closing time varies, it's best to check their Facebook page for that. Foodie Guide Suriname went to visit Chuck E. Cheese (CEC for its acronym) around the evening. This family entertainment restaurant lives up to its brand name. CEC's goal is to create beautiful and enjoyable memories for families through entertainment, food and games. So far, they have been able to do that well. The management team was able to tell us that every weekend is a busy one with kids, birthdays and parents reliving their childhood.. But also during the week towards late afternoon, that's when you often see teens visiting the restaurant with or without their parents.

Food tasting

We at Foodie Guide Suriname got to enjoy 3 out of their 5 specialty pizza and a serving of wings. The choices for us went to the Super Supreme, Hawaiian and BBQ Chicken Pizza. The choices for wings are Buffalo Wings, Sweet Chili or Teriyaki. We unanimously chose the Teriyaki Wings, a management’s favorite. Foodie Guide Suriname's own taste buds vary, so Teriyaki was a good alternative. We had no regrets! The wings were a good medium size, well infused with flavor, not too soft and not too dry. As for pizza, for us it was the right size, a personal pan with 6 small slices of pizza, enough for an adult or a child. My favorite was the Hawaiian and the Super Supreme, more of a personal choice, when it comes to pineapple on my pizza and veggies. We took a seat outside on the patio. Lovely enjoying the evening breeze, especially when it's not raining. The terrace is a pleasant seating area for us. Outside on the terrace there is a bar, where we could enjoy a beer and a glass of wine or juice.

Safety & fun

To enter the terrace, you have to walk through the restaurant. This is a safety rule of Chuck E Cheese International. Another safety rule is that parents with children, get a stamp with a code. Thus, parents and children are connected according to the CEC system. A child cannot leave without the adult with a matching stamp. With the large windows that have an overview of the game room, I think it would be nice for a parent to be able to keep an eye on the children while enjoying themselves. It was remarkable that not only children enjoyed the games, but adults as well. Parents and children wanted to be together at the photo booths to be reminded together of their outing at the family entertainment restaurant. Chuck E Cheese is divided into sections; the birthday corner, the section for little ones, the food area, the youth playground and then the teens. There are two ways to play the games, by buying points or time. When having points the child does not lose precious time, and when buying time you are not limited in playing the amount of games. During gameplay, you win tickets, and these can be exchanged for fun prizes. These range from candy to a stuffed animal from Chuck E. Cheese. It is advised that when visiting CEC with your child, you let your child play before ordering food, as the order may get cold. A tip is that after you place your order, nicely ask the staff to put it on hold until your family is ready for food. For kids, Chuck E Cheese is a constant rush of play on the games.

The entertainment

The best entertainment that appears every 30 min is the 10 minute Chuck E Cheese show. He and his dancers keep the children entertained while dancing together to the Chuck E Cheese song and after this the kids get free tickets.
Chuck E Cheese, the family entertainment restaurant is not just for persons with children, anyone is welcome for a drink, pizza or the delicious Teriyaki Wings. It is pleasant for parents to wait for their kids while enjoying a drink, some snacks, and fun company or join their kids at the games.